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Dallas Belediye Başkanı 23 Nisan 2010 Gününü Türk Mirası Ve Çocuk Günü Olarak Ilan Etmiştir. , 01.05.2010

Dallas Belediye Başkanı Tom Leppert, 23 Nisan 2010 gününü Türk Mirası ve Çocuk Günü olarak ilan etmiştir.


Tom Leppert, the Mayor of Dallas, Texas,  announced that April 23RD, 2010 has been declared Turkish Heritage and Children's Day in recognition of the TURANT's April 23rd Sovereignty and Children's Day Celebration at Greenhill School. 


The proclamation, printed below in full (attached), also acknowledges the TURANT's significant role in our community promoting relations between America and Turkish-speaking people through social, educational, cultural, and charitable activities SINCE 1975

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