Başkonsolosun Özgeçmişi

Consul General Akil Öktem was born in 1958.

He served in the Directorate General of Press and Information of the Prime Ministry during 1985-1986.

He joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1986.

1986-1989 Third Secretary at the MFA.

1989-1992 Turkish Embassy in Tokyo, Third Secretary.

1992-1994 Turkish Embassy in Sana’a, Second Secretary.

1994-1996 First Secretary at the MFA.

1996-1998 Turkish Embassy in Nicosia, First Secretary.

1998-2000 Turkish Embassy in Bucharest, Counselor.

2000-2002 Head of Department at the MFA.

2002-2006 Turkish Embassy in The Hague, Counselor and First Counselor.

2006-2009 Head of Department at the MFA.

2009-2011 Consul General of the Republic of Turkey in Houston.

2011-2014 Turkish Embassy in Mexico City, First Counselor.

2014-2017 Head of Department at the MFA.

Since December 15, 2017 he has been serving as the Consul General of the Republic of Turkey in Houston.

He is married and has two daughters.

Akil Öktem Consul General
Monday - Friday

09:00 - 12:30 / 13:30 - 16:00

Walk-in hours 09:00am-12:00pm
1/20/2020 Martin Luther King Jr. Day
2/17/2020 Presidents' Day
5/24/2020 Eid-ul-Fitr 1. Day
5/25/2020 Memorial Day
7/3/2020 Independence Day
7/31/2020 Eid-al-Adha 1. Day
9/7/2020 Labor Day
10/12/2020 Columbus Day
10/29/2020 Turkish National Day
11/11/2020 Veterans Day
11/26/2020 11/27/2020 Thanksgiving Day
12/25/2020 Christmas Day
1/1/2021 New Year's Day